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What my clients are saying 

I had the absolute pleasure of a Reiki session with AlisaBeth recently. This has been a stressful year in general, but recent surgeries for my hubby & I both plus the loss of a family member had us on the edge. Feeling unwell and stressed, I recalled how helpful Reiki had been for me in the past (decade plus ago), when I saw AlisaBeth offering her services. I immediately felt at ease with her, (as did my kitties 🤣) and found the time comforting, positive and above all, healing. I didn’t have high expectations; just knew I was hurting spiritually and physically. The evening after and in days to follow, I could return to the session in my memory and continually feel better. For some it may seem a silly indulgent, but for me, it was an incredibly peaceful time with the kindest of person whose energy and focus was on my wellbeing.

Pamela B. ~ Tacoma, WA.


Loved the studio and the vibe and will definitely be returning in the future!

David B ~ Tacoma, WA.


When I first met AlisaBeth, I felt an immediate connection with her, like our paths have crossed before. Even though we were strangers, I felt comfortable, at ease and very protected. She is very kind, very generous and very knowledgeable and will guide you through your journey as you embark on an amazing life changing experience. I recommend her to anyone seeking Reiki guidance I will be forever grateful to have found her and have her in my life.

Lisa Y. ~ Federal Way, WA.


AlisaBeth has such a wonderful positive energy. After a session with her, I feel so physically and spiritually grounded. I was having trouble relaxing and has some major stresses at work. After the session, she gave me several grounding tips and I have found that doing one or more of these at work has reduced the stress and I'm able to have a more productive workday. I will keep going back to her as she is truly amazing.

Tana S. ~ Olympia, WA.


AlisaBeth's peaceful energy is unlike anything I have ever experienced. During my first treatment, I felt as if I were gently floating on rolling waves. My mind discovered calmness, and I felt a sensation of connection and purpose. While massage is relaxation for the muscles, Reiki is relaxation for the soul, and AlisaBeth was able to provide an amazing introduction to this practice. I highly recommend Reiki to anyone looking for greater clarity and balance in life and look forward to my next session with Dancing Energy Reiki and AlisaBeth.

John J. ~ Roy, WA.


I own a horse ranch in the Kent Valley. I was having trouble with both a older horse (Smokey) and one of my dogs (Banger) that had just seemed to turn fearful. AlisaBeth agreed to come over and try some Reiki on both Smokey and banger. I have never seen this horse take to anyone as quickly as she did AlisaBeth. She stood in one place for over an hour as AlisaBeth ran her hands over the whole horse. when she stepped away after an hour of working on Smokey, she even came up and nudged her wanting more. Smokey obviously could tell that AlisaBeth was helping her. Banger has all of a sudden become scared of his own shadow and hasn't taken well to strangers. When AlisaBeth walked into the house and kneeled down, she looked away from Smokey and held out her hand. After a few faint sniffs, Banger rolled on his back wanting a belly rub. That was unbelievable. She worked on him for about thirty minutes. He did everything she asked of him and didn't mind her touching is paws and tail. He had always been head shy but he had no problem with AlisaBeth.

The changes I say in both Smokey's and Banger's attitude and demeaner has been shocking. No longer is Banger scared of everything and I feel safe riding Smokey again. Not sure what she did but I can tell you that Reiki worked for my pets even if I don't myself understand it's healing ways. If I ever have any problems come up with any of my other animals, AlisaBeth will be the first one I call.

Sandy P. ~ Silverdale. WA​


Had my first Reiki visit with Dancing Energy Reiki. AlisaBeth was very welcoming and patient with me, explaining the process and what to expect. Her studio was clean and comfortable as well. During the session, she gave me a cooled gel eye mask to wear to block light and help me relax, which was amazing. Since it was my first session, I was a bit nervous and had trouble relaxing. Even so, I still felt vibrations moving through parts of my body as she worked her magic. I ended the session feeling refreshed and relaxed. The crystals were a nice touch. If you are interested in the healing art of Reiki, give AlisaBeth a call. You might be pleasantly surprised!

Danielle A. B. ~ Yelm, WA.


AlisaBeth has the magic touch and the rare quality of having a very healing energy about her. After a session with her, be it Reiki or Quantum Touch, you will feel rejuvenated, as if the dark and negative feelings and knots had been physically sucked out from your body. I wasn't sure about any of this but nothing I did seemed to help. AlisaBeth put me at ease and what she did truly does help. I can't explain it but I will continue to go back to her every chance I get.

Crystal H. ~ Puyallup, WA.


My first reiki experience was with AlisaBeth. I was skeptical about something I'd never but open to the idea. For me personally it had a calming effect. I'd been having troubles sleeping and was having a difficult time for a variety of reasons. During the session I was almost asleep. That night when I got home, I actually slept a solid 8 hours. My insomnia has improved in general since then and I plan to continue the sessions to see what other benefits I can receive from It. 

Josh F. - Auburn, WA

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