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What is Quantum Touch 

Richard Gordon, founder of Quantum-Touch, calls this energy healing work a basic human skill that anyone, including children, adolescents, adults and even elderly people can practice easily. People can usually develop an extraordinary ability to do this hands-on healing almost immediately.

Quantum Touch is a touch therapy that uses breath work, intention and meditation to treat the client. It can be done in person or over a distance. Time and Space is insignificant in this process as the entire therapy is based on Energy, Intentions and Meditations.

The healing process via Quantum Touch Therapy includes intervention of energy into the client’s body by a healer. The practitioner increases their energy fields first and then transmits it into the client’s body in order to begin the healing. There is a technique used by a Quantum Touch Therapist in which the therapist uses their hands to cover the area or organ of the body of the client being treated. 6 different breathing techniques can be used during this session depending on how much energy the client needs. 

When this process is done over a distance, the practitioner follows another method of meditation and powerful breathing techniques to incorporate this process.

Quantum Touch is safe and affective or adult, babies, ​children, elderly and pets.

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